MyPaint Brush Engine [Final Phase]

We are in the final phase of GSoC. I don't even remember how quickly the last two months flew by. 
Coming to my project, it is almost complete apart from some finalisation related stuff that still is remaining. Perhaps, some review changes that my mentors shall give me once my current patch has been reviewed are also remaining.

This month, (20 days remaining before the final submissions start actually) I need to complete two items:

  1. Refactorizing the plugin for master branch: There were a lot of changes in master due to the complete resource-rewrite. Because of this, I need to change my way of handling mypaint brush files (.myb files) in master. This requires a bit of refactorization. I am afraid its been a while since I have seen the master and don't what changes I need to do to make this plugin work in master. I just hope it does not turn out to be something complex.
  2. User Documentation: Apart from refactorization, I need to start with writing user documentation ASAP. The advanced mypaint brush settings don't make much sense to me though, that might cause a bit trouble. I don't know what to write for those. Will require some help for this from my mentors I guess.
I don't know why, but I always seem to have this feeling at the back of my head that something will come up that will be tough to handle and ruin my project. Though this has been happening even before GSoC started. That scares me a bit :( Anyways.

Good bye :)


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