The MyPaint Brush Engine is now working

It has been more than 2 weeks since the coding period began and I didn't post much because the project was just begun and there was no big progress. Coming to the project, the MyPaint brush engine plugin has been integrated into Krita and is working. Though, it is very rudimentary as of now, we can't customize it, we can't load/save brushes and there is no settings widget. All we can do as of now is just use the default settings for painting. The rest of the things will be taken care of during this summer.

Work Done:

Over the last two weeks, I worked on the KisMyPaintBrush, KisMyPaintSurface, MyPaintopPlugin classes.  Last week I solely worked on draw_dab and get_color methods which are responsible for painting the dabs over the canvas. Those methods occupied most of the week.

                        Bubble brush

                        AirBrush Stroke

                        Spray Brush

These were loaded from the system for testing purposes and are obviously not the default settings. :)

The LAG:

The problem that I am facing currently is that the brush engine is lagging for 40px and above sized brushes. Now, this one could be an internal problem or specific to implementation. I was thinking of multi threading the draw_dab on the basis of quadrants in the dab but it was ruled out by one of my mentors as it might not deliver the expected results. I don't have any idea of how would I solve this one yet but will try to dig a bit deeper into the problem this week.


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