The Community Bonding Period Ends

My Experience so Far:

It has been almost a month, since the commencement of community bonding period and the phase was mostly good. I spent most of my time lurking over the IRC in passive reconnaissance mode, force of habit I mostly speak less and I know it is not a good one especially being part of an open-source community. I used to attend all the meetings and tried to get accustomed with the workflow of the community and got to know about everything hot and spicy that is taking place whether it is Krita finally on android or new contributors working on some bugs.

Conflicts in the timeline: 

My timeline for the project is mostly clean apart for the first 3 days in which I will be having my college exams. To compensate for the same I tried to complete my initial GSoC work that is adding the libmypaint library into the cmake system. I was stuck in some linking error for a while during this task but finally made it to work. I also started my work on loading installed MyPaint Brushes into Krita and that is partially complete. Once the exams are over, I will get on with full momentum and get all the deliverables complete within the stated dates.

For now I don't have much to inform as nothing much is done. During the coding period, will try to keep my posts coming on a weekly basis with all the updates and progress made on the project. 

Till then,
Good Bye :)


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