Phase 1 Evaluation Status Report

It has been over a month since the start of GSoC. Phase #1 evaluations will start today. This post is to summarise all the work done by me during phase #1

Implementing the MyPaint Brush engine

This involved writing the core brush engine classes like KisMyPaintBrush, KisMyPaintSurface, MyPaintOpPlugin, KisMyPaintOp and KisMyPaintOpFactory. At a very high level, all I had to do was override the draw_dab and get_color methods of MyPaintBrushSurface with my own version to draw over a Krita Paintdevice (Krita Surface class). While working on this, I faced a problem related to lagging that I have discussed in the previous posts. With the help of my mentors, I was able to solve this and bring the lag under acceptable limits. Then, I went on to fix some bugs, which occurred in using some specific presets. The brush engine seems to work fine mostly =]



Loading MyPaint Brushes

This was the second most important thing in my TODO. The mypaint brush engine would be of no use if it can load the installed mypaint brushes from the system. Also, testing the brush engine was a pain if you base off all your testing work on the default brush. This thing was much needed from the start of the project itself.

Loaded MyPaint brushes

Hopefully, I will pass this evaluation. Don't know. 

Till then,
Good Bye :)



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